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Photodump and welcome new members!
mizbelle wrote in proofofpelicans
Hi folks from DoD :D I'm pretty stoked you joined. Just goes to show a little community whoring can pay off! I'm looking forward to seeing everyone's photos.

These are from the last few days.

Prince!! And my messy room.

I couldn't stop giggling at how cute they were.

Oh look it's me.

This was my first time making sugar cookies. It was an insane disaster. I made such a mess.

But look how cute they were before I cooked them!

And, after. I'm not sure what happened.

I love this dress but it's hard to wear. I wore it yesterday and every time I sat down, it gapped open and made me all nervous about creeps seeing my jubblies.

My fabulous shoes!

I saw this bat down town on the sidewalk and was upset that I couldn't help it. Hopefully he flew away. I PRAY FOR YOU LITTLE BAT!! For size reference, that is a cigarette butt on the left side of the pic.

I was trying to get a picture of Jim rocking out to his horrible metal music, but only got his rad-guy sneer. Also, lol sleeping dude. There was a white chick on the seat behind him, same size as him, sleeping in the same position. It was weird.

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(Deleted comment)
Yeah, all day I was trying to tuck the sleeve things under my bra straps. It was my second time wearing the dress and I didn't know it was gonna be so tarded. I plan on sewing it down a bit.

And! Sugar cookies aren't my fave, but I like that you can make shapes. At're supposed to be able to ._.

(Deleted comment)
I did chill it, but I had to use heavy cream instead of light cream. That's the only thing I did contrary to the recipe, so that's probably it D:

Oh-ho, so that's the cookie problem. Sugar cookies don't hold their shape unless you make a pretty stiff batter (ie: you are looking for a flaky recipe, not a tender one) and they were way too close together on the sheet; i would have made that many in two batches.

That dress is adorable, though. ; 3;

Yes, I must space my cookies out :O Though the batter was stiff enough, I think.

Thank you! :D

Hmm I dunno, I sorta want to attack those cookies!! NOM NOM.

But also, I have the munchies. +OMG doggie cuteness!!! I soo wanna do a prince icon.

YES PLZ DO PRINCE!! I LOVEEEEEEE your icon! zomg it is the snazziness!

That is about the most awesome dress ever.

It is! You can't really see, but it has these huge pockets on each side, which is totally rad to me :D

GRAH i love your marilyn dress so much <3

PRINCU. rolf he takes the best pics :D

i also suck at sugar cookies :( even when i get the dough perfect i fuck them up somehow. haha. for xmas this year i just made all tree shaped ones cos i am lazy. lulz.


heheh ! good luck ! many cookiepictures gogo~

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