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photos I took at school today...
amatsuki⎛ginshu ○ to be the miracle
part_b wrote in proofofpelicans
Add one giant tire,

One live flower,

and one dead flower. Shake liberally & serve photographed. (I'm a dork)

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Very nice! I like how each picture has a nice round shape in the center. That tire is crazy!

Ohhhh is this by the point of the mountain where they do they nifty hang glidey stuff ?

Nope, it's at Kennecott. Fun trip to the copper mine woo hoo. o/ I wish we could have gone to do hang glidey stuff, haha.

oooooooooooh. the boyfriend just exolained to me where that is, cos i haven't got a clue about anything in utah, haha.
i still haven't seen the great salt lake (a bit far away) and i've never been to utah lake til sunday, even tho i can see it every day. i've lived here almost 2 yrs. lol. oh well i'll get around to it all eventually.

Aha, I hadn't been there until that day. Knew it was there, knew it was a giant hole, didn't care. :P

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